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Just a few of the features included in the Welcome.JRNY platform are listed below.

Symptom Surveys
Basic Standard Premium Enterprise
Automatic health check-in surveys
Contactless survey administration
Fully customizable survey
Contact Tracing
Basic Standard Premium Enterprise
Exposure tracing through geolocation
Exposure notifications
Health & Safety Rules Engine
Basic Standard Premium Enterprise
Enforce capacity limits by zone
Alerts and automated communication
Requirement-based access
Emergency evacuation & mustering management
Automatic shift-management for groups
Integrated health checks and location monitoring
Geolocation, zone, and dynamic condition rules
Automated workflows based on location data
Self-Quarantine & Shelter-In-Place
Basic Standard Premium Enterprise
Secure check-in
Geolocation radius restrictions
Tamper proof authentication
Violation alerts
Movement permits
Symptom survey prompts
Notifications Basic Standard Premium Enterprise
Email host notifications
Block list security notifications
JRNY.ID Mobile host notifications
SMS host notifications < 200 < 1,000 Custom
Host notification integrations
Add custom details to host notifications
Assistant notifications for executives
Personalized communications by visitor type
Security & Compliance
Security and compliance Basic Standard Premium Enterprise
Export detailed visitor logs
Visitor data privacy features
Check internal block lists
Import and export your blocklist
SAML single sign-on
Scan IDs and record ID checks < 2,000 per month
Check third-party restricted parties lists
Legal Documents
Basic Standard Premium Enterprise
Automatically email signed copy to the visitor
Automatically store signed documents
Prompt guests to re-sign after a number of days
Allow visitors to sign documents before they arrive
Customize legal documents per visitor type
File storage integrations
Mobile App
Features Basic Standard Premium Enterprise
Sign in faster when you visit other offices
Companion mobile ID app
Validation & Auth via mobile ID
NFC/QR Touchpoint Ecosystem
Customizable mobile ID
Full touchless access & payment
Synchronize identity information and credentials in real time
Visitor Dashboard
Basic Standard Premium Enterprise
Daily visitor report
See a list of expected visitors
See guests’ previous visits
See real-time visitor log
Sign in visitors manually
Sign out visitors manually
Sign out visitors automatically
Sort, filter, and export visitor data
Customize columns and layout
View analytics to reveal visitor trends
Hosts can approve unexpected visitors

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